Best Yoga Poses Against Back Pain

The back and spine, in particular, are one of the main objects in yoga therapy since they account for base load of the body. Also through the spine go main nerve channels connecting the brain and organs

Yoga against back pain is very effective, but the fact is that different reasons can carouse back pain; while some of them enable you to perform certain movements. For example, if you have scoliosis you need to be very careful with spinal twists.

Important Notes

Before we move on to yoga poses, we recommend you to read a few notes.

  • Breathe deeply and without tension, try to combine your movement with breathing harmoniously. Upon reaching the end position of pose you must continue to breathe deeply and freely if there are no other instructions.
  • Take your time when performing yoga poses. Also, most yoga poses in their final phase assume the delay, combined with relaxation and deep breathing for maximum effect.
  • Be careful in your practice. Your mind plays a huge role in yoga class because sometimes the effectiveness of the practice may be increased to 50% thanks to a calm focus on the process.
  • It is vital to regularly do yoga, whether it is a standard practice or therapeutic. Regularity allows our body to start rebuilding in the right direction.
  • If you feel strong fatigue or pain, gradually stop your practice.

Practice Yoga Poses

1. Padahastasana or standing forward bend

This is the first position, which is recommended for healing back pain. Note that in certain serious diseases of the spine forward bends are prohibited!

Stand up straight, place feet on shoulder width and parallel to each other. Inhale and exhale then slowly bend forward. If you can, touch the floor with your hands or grab your ankles. But do not overexert. You need to try to relax. Hold this position for 5-8 breaths and inhale, then return to the starting position.

Yoga classes and courses go more in-depth to the various types of poses. Check out these Yoga Burn Reviews for some more information on this topic and a great program to start with.

2. Gomukhasana or “cow muzzle”

Sit on the floor, legs forward; bend one knee and pull a leg to it, with the second leg do the same and place it on top of the first. Adjust the position of the feet to be convenient. It will turn out that you are sitting between your heels.

Now, spread your arms to the sides, and bend them, putting one hand on top of your back, and second from the bottom of your back. Try to join hands behind your back. In the final position, breathe normally, try to stretch the chest and shoulders; do not strain. Do the exercise again symmetrically, replacing the lower arm and foot upward.

3. Seth-asana or pose of bridge with support

This pose helps to arch the back gently. Lie on your back, bend your knees and move them to hips. Knees are aimed at the ceiling. Lift your hips and lower torso to a comfortable height. If you find it difficult to remain in this position only by muscles, put a yoga block under your torso. Stay in the pose for a time that feels convenient.

4. Halasana or plow pose

This pose is very helpful but can be difficult to master. Lie on your back; put arms at your sides. Inhale, exhale and push your knees to the belly. Next, slowly raise your hips, straighten your legs and place them behind your head. Stay in the end pose in such a way that you can breathe comfortably. With an exhalation, return to the “knees at belly” position, then slowly straighten your legs and lie down for a couple of minutes to relax.

5. Pose of sleeping eagle

Lie on your back and bend one leg at the knee. Then pull it to your belly and put it on the floor in the opposite direction (if the left leg is bent to the right, turn your head to the left). Stay in this position, breathing freely, as long as you are comfortable to do so.

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